Hello, we are expanding our engineering team, but it's very important for us to find the right fit. The best way we've found to accomplish that, is by creating something together, it has always spoke volumes over any other method, at least for us. What is Grid?


Your application to Grid is the app that you create, your resume being the quality of your code and the creativity in your design. We are asking for no more than a fun weekend hack project, and you can create anything you'd like, but we have a couple seed ideas that we thought might be fun.

Send App-lications here to Jobs@BinaryThumb.com


Competitive Salary

Competitive Salary, Standards, Equity

We are a well funded company, which means that salary, vacation and standard benefits like health insurance are all covered. Plus meaningful equity.

Competitive Salary

San Francisco, Beacon of the West

The center of creativity and new possibilities. Shining beacon of the west that lights the dark nights ahead. We will make our fortune or folly here, here in San Francisco.

Competitive Salary

Free Lunch

As a small team we have a lot of flexibility in what we get to eat. Sometimes it's catered lunches, sometimes we go out as a team.

Competitive Salary

Creator's Budget

Whether it be trying out a new recipe or putting something together for burning man; extra curricular creations are covered. We hire creators and makers, you have a budget to create new things, and if you don't use it, you lose it.

Competitive Salary

Secrets of Burger Universe

How does one ensure proper bread to meat ratio in a each delicious burger planet bite? What is the key to unlocking human potential? Some answers we know, others we don't. Join us in exploring a universe of human potential.