The world is unkind to new ideas. At Grid we build tools that help prepare and transform creative ideas, Grid is the Mise En Place of great future projects.

Choose Your Adventure


Space is the final frontier; as an engineer at Grid you'll be asked to explore strange new ideas about tangible computing. To seek out new challenges in computer science and it's visualization, to boldy build what no man has built before.

There are two types of challenges, ones of composition and ones of simulation. Composition will ask you to tackle creative sandbox ideas like bringing together sound, video, structured and un-structured information as first class objects. In simulation you will take forward the idea of first class objects towards math and programming, and also work to lay down first principles by which the Grid operates like time and undo in a multi-user environment, keep that continuum safe temporal agent.


The uncreated is a vast and empty space, design at Grid is helping people navigate this undiscovered country. Craft should be a given, what we expect from you here is it's unexpected use, we expect art.

Say goodbye to decorating wizards, as a designer on Grid you'll be asked to pioneer new ways of defining human expression in computing but delivering on a quality that takes them from the lab into the hands of everyday people. Quality guides the 1 million decisions that go into a product and quality comes from values. We value the duality of creative and logical thinking, the balance between simplicity and expressiveness, between composition and simulation.

Please be prepared for a design exercise and also provide a portfolio of your work.

Life at Grid

Creative Environment

Most people enjoy the products of creativity, but can't stand the creative process by which those products are made. Grid strives to create a space and culture where inspiring ideas can be built, supported, critiqued.


You'll be part of a small team of incrediblly creative and technically talented individuals who have real ownership in the company and the business. A whole learning experience that you simply can't find at larger institutions.


Our office is in San Francisco, but we offer flexibility in where and when you want to work. We offer the standard stuff like Health Benefits, competitive start-up salary, meaningful equity, and anything to help you focus on building great things.