A Little About Grid

Grid is for your creative projects

We built Grid to be a simple but expressive tool for putting together creative projects with friends.

You can put together your ideas anywhere and whenever inspiration strikes. Grid helps you collect, compose and collaborate in a single shared space that is as private and personal as you would like.

Build A Bigger Picture In Grid

One Grid, Many Applications

How you use Grid is up to you. We've seen it used in projects small and large, individually and in collaboration with others.

Architects, Game Designers, Movie Producers, Students and many other creatives use Grid as a common space for inspiration and plans.

Simple Complexity

We use Grid from the smallest to-do list or project to complex tasks like planning the engineering of Grid.

From boring day to day activities to planning adventures, Grid was designed to grow from simple ideas to complex and rich plans. It has become an essential companion to our creative minds.

Bring Everyone's Ideas Together In Grid

Collaborate with Anyone Anytime

Sharing a Grid is like sharing the same physical space; each Grid becomes a world that you build together, and they are synchronized as you go from offline to online.

Choose who you invite into a Grid carefully, as they will have the ability to change anything in the Grid just like you.

When you share a Grid with others, it becomes a free space where your friends can do either wonderful (or terrible) things.

Space is the Final Frontier

Grid was designed with spatial awareness in mind. It replaces digging into menus and following step-by-step wizards with more intuitive physical gestures and concepts.

Spatial interfaces mean more expressive breadth and are a closer reflection of how our own minds work.

Thank You!

We love building tools for creative people, and we only want to improve the Grid experience. Please let us know what you think, how you use Grid and what we can do to make it better for you guys!