What is coming to Grid

Exporting Grids

A high-quality grid export feature is currently in the works. In the meantime, there are currently two ways to export your Grids:

Take a Screenshot of your Grid with your iOS device → PNG File

Position your screen to the area you want to capture. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top or side of your iPhone or iPad, then immediately press and release the Home button. You can find the screenshot in your Photos app.

Pro-tip: Hide the Maestro Bar by tapping on the far right button before taking the screenshot, or zoom out to capture a wider view of your grid!

Log into WebGrid on your web browser (Safari/Chrome recommended). Then use the “Print” function from your web browser.

To create a PDF file of your Grid…

Use WebGrid to print your Grid through the web browser and use a “Save as PDF” setting. Note: You may have to adjust your Print Settings: Orientation, Paper Size, etc to achieve optimal print format.

To create a JPEG File of your Grid…

You can use WebGrid to save your Grid as a PDF file, then use a File Converter to convert the PDF file → JPEG file.

There are many converters available on the web you can use. One example of one that we have used is: http://pdf2jpg.net/

Upcoming Patch Notes (2/15) Version 1.4

  • Upgraded Realm library to eliminate the database corruption that happens sometimes on a crash. Realm attempts to guarantee never leaving the database corrupt and has fixed a few issues since the version we were using was released.
  • Grid cover image loading icons replaced with branded GridBots!
  • Fixes profile image flashing when reloading
  • Fixes search text getting stuck on screen when entering Grids in certain cases
  • Fixes opening profile panel when touching it when it is hidden
  • Increase the clear search button size on iPhone 4 and 5

Grid has launched! Check us out on the App Store!

It’s been a wild ride getting to this point, and we’re happy to announce that you can now buy Grid on the App Store. We are launching with a discounted price of $1.99 to celebrate. Wondering what Grid is? Be sure to check out some of the short videos and media in our about page. We’ll be following up with FAQ shortly. If you have been following us since our last announced Beta, mostly we have been working under the hood to polish up and fix performance issues. To list a few notable visible works:

  • Welcome our new GridBot overlords!
  • On the iPhone, an expanded profile icon and menu will greet you at the top of your Grids, keeping your viewing area balanced and ready for more features in the future.
  • The Shared Grids collection has been renamed the Grid Inbox. On the iPad the Inbox will be labelled as such while you’re inside it (iPhone to follow suit).
  • Basic force touch support has been added; from the app icon you can create a Grid or go directly to your last viewed Grid.
  • Open Grids shared with you directly from an email link!
  • View who shared a Grid with you or who you shared a Grid with by tapping on the share icon next to it
  • Delete Grids in your Inbox to remove unwanted shared Grids
  • iPad Pro support! All-in-all, we are extremely excited with what we’ve done and hope you find Grid useful and fun. There are so many ways that we want to continue to develop Grid, so share some Grids with your friends and get them on-board!

Update 11/19

More optimization for iOS 9.1 - resolved crashes

Tons of UI improvements/Updates:

  • Backpack performance improvements
  • Home Grid UI
  • Stacks UI (scroll layer, fullscreen)
  • New loading icons
  • New focused tile icons
  • Fixed issue where Trashcan will show on top of Backpack
  • Fixed “additional text” indicator bugs and changed to ellipsis.
  • Home Grid cover photo improvements
  • Improved Contacts loading performance
  • Dropbox and Evernote authorization for iOS 9.1
  • Evernote improvements - imports full image, GIFs, and text
  • Fixed issue with Notifications popping up too frequently
  • GIFs playing full length

Beta 4.1 Login

There’s an issue where logging in or creating an account can be disabled for a few tries when first entering the app. We will be fixing this ASAP!

Edit: Bug identified, hotfix incoming soon!

Edit: Fixed at Oct 21, 2015 5:50 PST, please re-download the Grid Beta!

Upcoming Grid Beta 4.1 Update Patch Notes

Oct 20, 2015

  • iOS 9 performance fix!
  • Stacks and live collaboration issues resolved!
  • Expanded stack rails visibility improved
  • Fixed losing certain touch interactions after sleeping for a while
  • iOS 9 keyboard adjustments
  • Fullscreen text tile fixes
  • Fullscreen from fullscreen stack fixes
  • Fixes GIF-related crash
  • Evernote and Dropbox app authentication for iOS9 compatibility fix
  • Addressed iOS 9 visual issues when moving tiles
  • Addressed teleporting tile bug caused by rapid tapping
  • Town Portal Scroll cost reduced from 100 to 75
  • Minor fixes
  • New Alpha Feature: WebGrid! (Read-only)

Visit http://grid.cm to view your grids in your browser! Currently you can login and view your grids in real-time as you create and make changes in the app. Soon we will be adding account creation so that you can share your grids with your friends, and they can sign up and see them without downloading the app. We will be fleshing out WebGrid features as we go, so look forward to the full experience of Grid in your browser in the future!

Alpha-wise, live stack collaboration in WebGrid is not fully functional along with other polish in progress, but please feel free to report any issues or other feedback you may have!

Developer Notes:

Removed the previously mentioned offending KVOs that had performance issues in the iOS 9 upgrade (Rewrote their functionality in the getters and setters for the watched variables in this case)

Whitelisted Evernote and Dropbox for canOpenURL and openURL requests http://awkwardhare.com/post/121196006730/quick-take-on-ios-9-url-scheme-changes

Grid Beta for iOS 9 trust developer

On iOS 9, the beta no longer allows you to directly trust developer when launching the app for the first time. Go to settings->general->profile and then trust Binary Thumb to run the Grid Beta!

Grid performance on iOS 9 lacking due to KVO changes

Here’s the openRadar report related to the issue.


We’ll be watching this to see if it gets changed quickly and continue working on everything else in the meantime.

We are experiencing server difficulties

Sep 16, 2016

All hands are on deck!

Edit: Fixed! 6:40 Pacific

Grid Beta 4 Patch Notes

Sep 16, 2015

Beta 4 is here!

  • Stacks - drag a tile onto another tile to create a stack of tiles!
  • iPad Mini support
  • iPhone optimizations
  • GIF support
  • Lots of bug fixes!
Known Issues (partial list)
  • Using stacks in live collaboration is in alpha and has visual bugs
  • No way to swap between different Dropbox/Evernote accounts
  • Fullscreen view does not use highest resolution images
  • No notification when Internet is offline but account is logged in
  • Account panel sometimes steals input from leftmost column of contacts
  • Account picture sometimes does not display correctly
  • Blank Panel after “Establish new account” fails
  • Logging out of account after making changes while offline discards changes
  • GIFs not loading correctly out of Dropbox on first attempt
  • First attempt Dropbox GIFs can crash Grid on load
  • Tile borders are not always updated correctly, especially on collaboration resize
  • Tiles can overlap when two collaborators create them simultaneously
  • Cover photo on shared grids not always displaying
  • Backgrounding/sleeping while contacts panel is open will cause Grid to display incorrectly upon resuming, requires restart
  • Grid stops music
  • Long grid name cause that grid label to be uneditable
  • Stack tile animation z-order incorrect
  • Stack top tile gets stuck when all children are removed
  • Unable to scroll fullscreen text tile while editing, can only move via cursor
  • Backgrounding/sleeping while zoomed out causes some tiles to not display
  • Bunker build time increased by 5 seconds
Coming Soon
  • Webgrid! View your grids in a browser!
  • Live collaboration for stacks
  • Optimization for image loading in account profile, grid cover images, and backpack
  • Interface changes as we add polish features
  • More bug fixes!
  • Bunker build time decreased by 5 seconds