Family Organization App

Kiwi is a kitchen application that is targeted towards supporting family activities that revolved around three categories which were events, errands and cooking. Family schedules can become incredibly hectic especially when families have multiple kids with multiple different extra-curricular activities such as sports or music lessons. There is also a constant need to re-supply and maintain the household which is almost a full-time job in itself; paying bills, buying groceries, preparing for trips, etc. Finally among the chaos we saw dinner, a time when a family shares a meal as an incredibly important moment that could be improved as well.


Errands and Lists

The first family or family management activity we wanted to address was grocery shopping or general preparation lists that would eventually support everything from errands to events that the family would engage in. We designed list creation to be easy and fun without the use of a keyboard as we saw the application relying on touch for input that would be placed on a tablet or integrated into an appliance like a refrigerator.

Events and Activities

The second activity we wanted to support was events. We wanted to help the head of the house-hold or at least the person doing all the herding and driving to have easy access to a schedule that would let them quickly get an idea of where the event was going to be, when it was on the schedule, and maybe even a list with preparations for the event. Remembering events and staying on schedule is always an important goal of the primary organizer of the family, therefore as a universal component of the application a event advancer is placed at the bottom of every mode, where events represented by color blocks slowly advance towards the current time. Clicking on these events would take you to this event mode where you can get more detailed information.


We saw dinner as an opportunity for a special family event, where families have activities such as pizza night or chinese night, we saw an opportunity for the cooking mode of our application to enhance these themed dinner nights. Our application supported one themed cooking night which was French cooking night which brought up the appropriate chefs that cooked french food, top recipes, and set the mood with a heavy graphics change to a Paris theme as well as putting on some ambient French music.

The Daily Muse

Inspiration for Everyone

Envisioning, Branding, Visual Design, Communication, UX Consulting

The Daily Muse began as a magazine targeted towards smart professional women. We are currently participating in the Y-Combinator program as their design team. Defining the vision, product and user experience of the YC product as it comes to fruition.


For the Curious Tourist

UX Design, Visual Design, Concept, Prototyping, Engineering

Tourious is a small excersise that explores the idea of how a personal digital travel journal would help you navigate a day in Paris. The project was completed under 48 hours, under the original stated goal of design a brochure for a city of your choice.


Simple Cloud Computing Costs

Branding, Video work, Visual and Communication Design, UX Consulting.

Raveld is an early stage startup that needed some broad design consulting work. We provided them with branding, logos, and communication consulting to help refine their message. As Raveld continues to build it's product we are currently participating as UX consultants.

The Art of Screaming

An App for the Vocal Music Artist

UX Design, Visual Design, Concept, Prototyping, Engineering

The Art of Screaming is a set of vocal techniques that are the brain child of Susan Carr and her son Wolf Carr. They approached Towers and Trees to build out an application to help their notable clients prepare for stage performances. Clients include: Modest Mouse, Minus the Bear, Emi Meyer, Cold December, Mastadon, etc...


Finding the Bright Ones

UX Design, Visual Design, Concept, Prototyping

Candlelight is a skilled based interviewing application for small and large companies to be able to hire the best designers and developers. The focus of the application was simplifying and consolidating the interview process for highly skilled labor so that hiring managers could focus on important things like determining fit.