For the curious tourist

This was a short 48 hour design exercise that tasked a single designer to create a brochure for a city of their choice. Within this exercise an application was created that could be generically applied to all cities, however this was targeted towards Paris.



The Daily Muse

Inspiration for Everyone

Envisioning, Branding, Visual Design, Communication, UX Consulting

The Daily Muse began as a magazine targeted towards smart professional women. We are currently participating in the Y-Combinator program as their design team. Defining the vision, product and user experience of the YC product as it comes to fruition.


Family Organization App

UX Design, Visual Design, Concept, Prototyping, Engineering

Kiwi is a kitchen application that is targeted towards supporting family activities that revolved around the three most important aspects of day to day function which is: events, errands and nourishment. This was an attempt to bring non-intrusive organization to reduce the burden of family management overhead.


Simple Cloud Computing Costs

Branding, Video work, Visual and Communication Design, UX Consulting.

Raveld is an early stage startup that needed some broad design consulting work. We provided them with branding, logos, and communication consulting to help refine their message. As Raveld continues to build it's product we are currently participating as UX consultants.

The Art of Screaming

An App for the Vocal Music Artist

UX Design, Visual Design, Concept, Prototyping, Engineering

The Art of Screaming is a set of vocal techniques that are the brain child of Susan Carr and her son Wolf Carr. They approached Towers and Trees to build out an application to help their notable clients prepare for stage performances. Clients include: Modest Mouse, Minus the Bear, Emi Meyer, Cold December, Mastadon, etc...


Finding the Bright Ones

UX Design, Visual Design, Concept, Prototyping

Candlelight is a skilled based interviewing application for small and large companies to be able to hire the best designers and developers. The focus of the application was simplifying and consolidating the interview process for highly skilled labor so that hiring managers could focus on important things like determining fit.