The Daily Muse

Inspiration for Everyone

The Daily Muse is a magazine that is devoted to providing engaging content to an audience of smart professional women. Currently most women targeted media focuses on beauty, fashion and social lifestyle, but for intelligent and driven women who set and pursue career goals the landscape is surprisingly sparse. The magazine applied to Y-Combinator in order to build out a concept they had for monetization which manifested as a job board that was focused on learning more about the culture of the company to determine fit and browsing versus the more explicit action of searching for a job among a sea of lifeless job descriptions, titles, and skill requirements.

Core Design

The design focuses on three core concepts; identity, aspiration and connectiveness. There are many aspects that enter the equation of perfect job fit that go beyond just skills and salary. What does the company stand for, what is their mission, what is the environment, who are the people there that you will be interacting with on a day to day basis, what is the culture? These are all questions that are essentially un-answered on most job boards and rely on word of mouth, friends, and marketing in order to reach potential candidates.

This design seeks to consolidate those elements of identity and team fit by focusing on the individual employees that work at the company, learning through their voice; the values, principles, culture and day to day activity of what it would be like to work there. In some sense it acts as a inviting friend in the company and a trustable agent, which currently job pages on company sites are not considered trustable agents.

A Story

A good story is composed of a context, characters and concepts. The core interaction model is constructed as an interplay between the environment/office that house teams and people, teams that house people, and individual people and their details that surface through various parts of the site. The layout was designed to maintain familiarity why also encouraging people to freely explore and engage with rich media and content throughout the site through multiple entry points. Detail tiles that represent moments, succinct bits of information and quotes serve as small windows into this new environment, with the purpose of letting the user create their own story and ultimately trust the information more as they form their own conclusions

Aspirations and Connections

This project is still on-going, currently we are looking at the aspirational and connective aspects of this experience. Can we engage users better by allowing them to place and fulfill their aspirations within the context of this experience, and also what are the tools by which they achieve that. Some of those tools which maybe manifested as elements of connection with the company and it's people which we are also exploring.


For the Curious Tourist

UX Design, Visual Design, Concept, Prototyping, Engineering

Tourious is a small excersise that explores the idea of how a personal digital travel journal would help you navigate a day in Paris. The project was completed under 48 hours, under the original stated goal of design a brochure for a city of your choice.


Family Organization App

UX Design, Visual Design, Concept, Prototyping, Engineering

Kiwi is a kitchen application that is targeted towards supporting family activities that revolved around the three most important aspects of day to day function which is: events, errands and nourishment. This was an attempt to bring non-intrusive organization to reduce the burden of family management overhead.


Simple Cloud Computing Costs

Branding, Video work, Visual and Communication Design, UX Consulting.

Raveld is an early stage startup that needed some broad design consulting work. We provided them with branding, logos, and communication consulting to help refine their message. As Raveld continues to build it's product we are currently participating as UX consultants.

The Art of Screaming

An App for the Vocal Music Artist

UX Design, Visual Design, Concept, Prototyping, Engineering

The Art of Screaming is a set of vocal techniques that are the brain child of Susan Carr and her son Wolf Carr. They approached Towers and Trees to build out an application to help their notable clients prepare for stage performances. Clients include: Modest Mouse, Minus the Bear, Emi Meyer, Cold December, Mastadon, etc...


Finding the Bright Ones

UX Design, Visual Design, Concept, Prototyping

Candlelight is a skilled based interviewing application for small and large companies to be able to hire the best designers and developers. The focus of the application was simplifying and consolidating the interview process for highly skilled labor so that hiring managers could focus on important things like determining fit.